Greenland Glacier Reverses Course

Growing Again After Shrinking for Years [NASA]

The Jakobshavn Glacier (around 2012) was retreating about 1.8 miles and thinning nearly 130 feet annually.

But it started growing again at about the same rate in the past two years, according to a study in Monday’s Nature Geoscience.

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Other Arctic glaciers may be undergoing similar growth.

That suggests the ebb and flow of glaciers in a warming world may be more complicated and harder to predict than previously thought, says Willis.

The findings have led to some scientists questioning the concept of “climate change” as a cut-and-dry, black-and-white theory.

Interestingly, scientists have started to use biomarker proxies used to reconstruct both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice conditions since the Early Holocene (i.e., about 11,500 years ago) reveal that today’s sea ice changes are not unusual.

Additionally, they decided that there is more extensive Arctic and Antarctic sea ice during recent decades than nearly all of the last 10,000 years.

Climate Change Connected To Solar Activity - [Source - climate and solar activity]
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All Weather Is Derived From The Sun

“The thermosphere always cools off during Solar Minimum. It’s one of the most important ways the solar cycle affects our planet,” said Mlynczak, according to The New American. 

The truth is that all weather is derived from the sun and that we are now heading into a potentially deep sunspot minimum, which may once again show significant lowering of global temperatures.

That is the direct opposite of many who believe that climate change is raising global temperatures.

You should look at various reliable sources on both sides and make up your own mind!

…As of the writing of this column, the sun has not seen sunspots for 33 days in a row, only to have sunspot AR2734 appear in the northern hemisphere on Wednesday.

It is a tiny one and goes to show you that we need to do a lot more research on the Sun, to understand its complex cycles.
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