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Originally called the The Joke Factory in the 1990s, it was focused on blond jokes, blond stories, humor and web promotions. The focus of the current version of the Hartfelt Website has changed from blond jokes and web promotions to what most interests me.

I'm Still Having Fun With Blond Jokes, and Humor

I have kept my best Blond Jokes and humor from my original Joke Factory Website, and I still ask for contributions for my blond jokes and humor section, so if you have a great blonde joke or other humorous stories, please feel free to email them it to me. If I like them, I will add them to my website and credit them to you.

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It's A Blonde Thing!

A Collection of Blonde Jokes, Blonde One Liners and Blonde Stories, both old and new, I have had emailed to me or ran across the last 30 years.
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A mixed bag of humor I have ran across over the years. It is a fairly big selection and includes a wide variety of humor subjects

Once Upon-A-Time
The Democrats
Supported The

Now They Mostly Are Progressive, Socialists & Communists Masquerading As Democrats.

The Real Danger Is They Want The Restrictions
Imposed On Government By The Constitution Reduced Or Eliminated And Believe That The Rule Of Law Only Applies to Citizens — and NOT To Them

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We Are Being Played.

The REAL danger of the coronavirus is the harm it will do the the US Economy. Hardest hit will be small businesses and the average American wage earner.

While the virus has proven to be very infectious, it turns out COVID-19 IS NOT THE KILLER those morons using unproven and wildly inaccurate models projected would be. Read The Truth HERE

It is amazing that the Pharma companies keep coming out with new vaccines to stop covid infections, yet the covid virus remains. What is the purpose of the vaccine if it neither cures nor prevents covid infection?

Being the suspicious type, I thing the purpose of ongoing vaccines shots is to keep the Pharma companies getting rich from forcing the shots on the public.

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That's Gun Control

Second Amendment "The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"

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Please Stop Killing Your Sons & Daughters

It's a BABY, not an unviable tissue mass. Tissue masses DO NOT grow up into humans.

Since when has life became so cheap that the option to kill an innocent life is considered normal because that life is an inconvenience?
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It's called weather and it changes all the time.

In fact, they even have names for the changes: like spring, summer, fall and winter!

And surprise, surprise: every year is different than the previous year!

Moral People

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

Forget Drudge!
The NEW Drudge Report

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A commentary on the hatred of the radical left and their Democratic and News media as they attack the average American for being Americans.
Bowling is still my passion, and this is where I spend most of my time now that I am retired. If you are in Central Nevada stop by at Winks Bowl Gardnerville and say hi!.
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This was website from my past pro shops that I previously owned in Reno, NV. I have since retired and have rewrote this site to forward bowlers to Players Pro Shop where I spend my free time coaching and helping out. I am a USBC Certified Bowling Instructor, so feel free to schedule an appointment for a lesson at the website!
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So new the first version isn't completed. It will be the business version of Hartfelt Promotions, sorta like this website was at one time before I opened several brick and mortor Pro Shops in Reno NV.

In the beginning, God created idiots.

That was for practice.

Then he made

John Eberhard
(misquoting Mark Twain)


Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, your government when it deserves and voting out ALL Democrats in 2024.

I am one step away from being rich. All I need right now is for the government to give me money"

Braindead AOC Democratic Voters