911 Attack

You Can't Fix Stupid

But Terrorists Can Put An End To It

She Went To Somalia To Show What A Paradise It Was
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And She Was Killed By Those Nice People Living In That Paradise

Hodan Nalayeh Was Darwinized!

Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali-born Canadian journalist, traveled to Somalia last week to prove Somalia is “beautiful” and to challenge those ‘stereotypes’ who bad mouthed Somalia, but ended up being killed by Islamic terrorists.

Hodan Nalayeh returned to Somalia, the place of her birth, to document the beauty and to tell “uplifting” stories, according to WaPo. (Source)

Maybe she should have paid attention to WHY her parents moved to America and not live in Somalia.

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Rose Colored Glasses

This is what she wanted to see.

So she traveled to Somalia last week to prove Somalia is “beautiful” and to challenge ‘stereotypes’ that Somalia is a great place to live.

Now she is dead. So much for disproving the "stereotypes"

Instead she pretty much proved Trump’s point that Ilhan Omar is ‘lucky to be here’

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Reality Sets In

This is the reality that she totally ignored until it killed her.

The truth can be a real bitch, and her bite can be very deadly.

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And Gets Her Unborn Baby and Husband Killed

On July 12, al-Shabaab terrorists stormed Asasey Hotel in Kismayo. 26 people were killed in the terrorist attack and Hodan Nalayeh, 43, and her husband were among the victims.

My term that references the Darwin Awards - The Darwin Awards commemorates those who improve our gene pool--by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible.