This Is Satire

Although, Knowing the Clinton's, Who Knows?

Aug 16 - While the Medical Examiner ruled Epstein's Death by suicide (USNews), speculation abounds about his death.

Just to list a few:
  • Why would a man who tried to commit suicide be off of suicide watch 30 days later? Nothing changed.
  • How did he use a sheet that was "tissue flimsy" result in "breaking bones" in his neck when he "hanged" himself.
  • Who would want him dead?
  • Why Did The Surveillance Cameras Go Offline That Night?
  • Where Were The Guards?
Our government has alway shown us that you can trust them to do the right thing and how effective they are in protecting those criminals they have in custody.
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Security You Can Trust

With that in mind, I present a report from one of my secret spies who recently attended a Hillary for President Rally with Bill Clinton as the speaker:

Speaker Bill Clinton

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As He Answers A Question

(Report From: Agent Ilynot)

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Speaking to a packed 30-seat arena, Bill Clinton was asked by an attendee to comment on Epstein's death”

“Did Epstein commit suicide?” asked an attendee at the event.

A wide-eyed Clinton shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, it really depends on what your definition of suicide is," he said as he chuckled.”

He went on. "Ahh, I mean, well, you have to really define terms here, alright. I you mean, 'Did he hang himself without any outside assistance?' Then I'd say that may not fall under the definition of what may or not have occurred."
Glancing over at Hillary, he noted that she ran her finger across her throat in a gesture to cut it off right there.

Bill gulped, and went on, "Of course if you mean did he hang himself and then shoot himself in the back of the head to make sure he was dead, then yeah, I'd say he committed suicide."

"Hillary and I barely knew the man and therefore would not have any reason wish the man any harm." He insisted, as Hillary beckoned him backstage.

Hillary Looks On As Bill Speaks

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Coming back on stage, another attendee inquired about the portrait that hung on the wall of Epstein's mansion.

"Another lie perforated by the scurrilous right wing community, lead by Rush Limbaugh."

"What of that picture of you in the blue dress that is all over the internet?" Another attendee asked

At this point, Hillary tooked over and stared at the man who asked the question. "You remember Vince Foster?" She asked.
When he nodded, she went on to say. "Keep that mind when you ask your next question."

When there were no more questions, the Clintons left to thunderous applause.

Well, maybe it was from the thunder from the fast moving storm that had moved into the area.
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Transmission Fluid Query

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