It's the talk of the day. Will Joe Biden be the 2024 Democratic candidate? And if not who will replace him - and when and how will it happen.

Now you have a chance to express you opinion by voting on who and what will happen by taking this little poll.

Please be aware that I DO NOT count dead votes. Sorry Democrats.
It's the topic of the year. All the talking heads are yakking about it. And now you can have your say. Who do you think will replace Joe (or not)? Cast your vote for you candidate of choice Click Here

NOTE: Unlike the Democrats, I will not count votes from dead people.

Hillary Clinton


Joe Biden


Gavin Newsom

Who do you think will be the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2024?

Will it be one of the 5 pictured, or will Jill insist that Old Joe run?

Pick one, or add who you believe will replace Old Senile Joe in the option filed.


Kamala Harris


Your Choice


Michelle Obama

I will run this campaign until:

Joe is replaced
Joe Runs

Be interesting to see who nailed it - or not. Running results will be posted daily here, so check back to see the results.

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