Experts Proven Wrong - Again

Just WHAT Is An Expert?

It was once explained to me what an expert was. I think it applies very much for the "experts" below!

Expert, I was told is broken down this way:

X: Is a mathematical term where X is an unknown.

Spert: Is a drop of water that is under pressure.

Therefore an

"An unknown drip who is under a lot of pressure."

Just A Bunch of Head Scratchers

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And Below We Have The Following "Experts" And Their Predictions

CNN, Mark Cuban, Hillary Clinton, Paul Krugam, Kurt Eichenwald, Caroline Baum


  • CNN said in October of 2016:, “Donald Trump promises 4-percent growth, but economists say no way,”
  • The Los Angeles Times ran a column with an even more dire prediction — that Trump was “dreaming” to think he could hit a 3-percent growth rate.
  • Mark Cuban predicted back in September of 2016 that the stock market would crash if Trump won the presidency.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that the economy would fare quite poorly under her 2016 opponent. (Hillary Also Predicts A 6.8 Unemployment Here)
  • New York Times columnist Paul Krugman predicted just one day after the 2016 presidential election that the markets will “never” recover under Trump.
  • Journalist Kurt Eichenwald announced he was selling all of his stocks in his children’s education accounts in preparation of the stock market tanking.
  • Financial journalist Caroline Baum insisted that Trump is “NOT good for economic growth,” explaining that his plans to renegotiate trade deals would crush the markets.

But Then Reality Set In



The U.S. economy grew at a 4.2-percent rate in the second quarter, propelled by an increase in consumer spending, exports, federal and local government spending and business investment, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Carton From A.F. Bransco at

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Our Baffled "Experts"

Mark Cuban

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Is Krugman
Merely Confused?


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Caroline Baum
Just Depressed

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So Much For The Experts and Their Predictions!!

Boy are these idiots under a lot of pressure. Their heads are exploding all over the place.

Their hate so blinds them to what President Trump is really about: his accomplishments, his love of our great country, and his respect of the working class.

These so called "experts" continue to make fools of themselves on a daily basis trying to destroy his presidency, and in the process, hurt our country.

And to think most of them get paid big bucks to be dead wrong. If the average person did their job this poorly, they would be fired and be lucky to find a job as a greeter at Walmart.

In the beginning, God made idiots.

That was for practice.

Then he made Socialists.

John Eberhard
(misquoting Mark Twain)

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