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Why Caravans Keep Forming and Heading For The US Boarder

It's All About FREE STUFF

The one thing we do know is that it wasn’t, and isn’t, a spontaneous movement of those fleeing persecution.

It is organized, it has leaders, and their object is to push thousands of jobless Central Americans, some of them already deported multiple times, into the U.S. economy and into its system of public education, free healthcare, and welfare goodies.

The goals: weaken American resolve to defend its sovereignty, and destroy the U.S. border.

Even though many simply want to get a job, most who do will send the money home.

And the ones that cannot find work, go on welfare programs.

A New Caravan Forming
In Honduras Again

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According to the Washington Post, a new “caravan” is forming Hondiuras.

They reported that a social media flyer in Honduras is inviting potential recruits.

And they are looking for un-employed Hondurans knowing that they would probably be unemployable in the US.

That would mean they would have access to public education , free healthcare and welfare goodies - all from the taxes of the American Working Stiff.
They Win - We Lose

While this is a Win Win for them, it is a Lose Lose situation for ALL Americans.

Whose jobs are these illegals taking? And who pays for the welfare programs they go on.

And that assumes that ALL Those illegals are honest, law-abiding, hardworking people simply seeking a better life - which is simply not true.

Here is the dirty secret: From the Washington Post: Jobless migrants, who had been deported multiple times, DO NOT respect the law, and therefore keep coming back.

Simply put, the “migrants” believe they have a "right" to be here.

They Want The Jobs and Welfare Programs That America Can Provide, But Fly The Flag of the Country They Are Fleeing

How sick are these people? If they wanted into American because they wanted to
BECOME AMERICANS, I might (maybe) be less suspect of their REAL intentions. But championing their country tells me they think America is not a legitimate country, and is their country by heritage.

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