It's Just Not Fair

Wealth redistributionist is shot and killed while breaking and entering home.
Shortly before noon, the Pascagoula Police Department responded to a robbery-in-progress at Nathan Hale Avenue. According to Pascagoula Police, the homeowner stated that he shot an armed suspect who was burglarizing his home. The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene.

The killing drew an immediate response from the SJC (Social Justice League), criticizing the shooting and stating "We should not harm the wealth redistributionists and let them go about their way of making things right and fair. They should not pay the death penalty for trying to achieve fairness."

As a show of solidarity, Colin Kapernick kneeled in front of the The Pascagoula Police station, right before a fire engine (on the way to a fire) ran him over.

Former President Obama put out a call to George Soros and requested that George activate his paid ANTIFA activists to protest the "murder" of the wealth redistributionist.

Obama stated that "America" must be woke to the plite of those who are in need MUST have access to their needs through any means necessary.

When it was revealed that the social justice warrior, who assumed room temperature, was not, in fact, black or brown, but a white dud, Obama was quoted as saying "Never Mind" and left for his house in Mara Largo.