George Soros - Enemy Of The Unites States

He spends MILLIONS of dollars
to Undermine Rule Of Law
As Founded In The
United States Constitution

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He Wants Open Borders

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order,” Soros has declared, “is the United States.” Ergo, that constitutional republic must be weakened and its allies degraded. The Sorosian world order—one of open borders and global governance, antithetical to the ideals and experience of the West—could then assume command.

Soros has donated more than $1 million to the Palestinian media center I’lam, which regularly accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing.

In the United States, Soros bankrolls a broad range of political and cultural causes. One is to destabilize the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

In 2015, he dedicated $650,000 for the purpose of shaping Pope Francis’s US visit, using left-leaning Catholic groups to promote gay marriage, abortion, and physician-assisted suicide.

Leading the effort was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, a self-professed Catholic. Bill Donohue, outspoken president of the Catholic League, vainly called for Podesta’s dismissal.

“He is fomenting revolution in the Catholic Church, creating mutiny and is totally unethical,” Donohue said. “He is the front man for George Soros to create a host of phony anti-Catholic groups.

These are not just bad comments, as some have suggested. These words are orchestrated, calculated and designed to create fissures in the Catholic Church.”

Who Is George Soros?

He gives something up to $500 million a year throughout the world promoting his Open Society. His foundations support people in the country who care about an open society. It's their work he is supporting. (Source)

In short, he empowers and supports causes that are counter to America and its political system that is guided by our Constitution.

Here Are Some Examples

David Brock's American Bridge

Their current goal is to start a $50 Million Ad campaign to sway rural voters to the Democrat candidate using Affordable Healthcare as an issue. (

George Soros funds this group. Last year he added another $300,000 to this group to add to the millions he has already given to them.

The Democrats will vaguely promise every American free healthcare coverage. The real danger in this is that the lack of GOP backing of President Trump's plan.

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A George Soros Back DA Goes After The Couple Who Used Guns To Defend Their Property (Source)

George Soros donated at least $30,000 to help St Louis DA Kimberly Gardner get elected top the St Louise Circuit DA Office.

Now she is going after the couple who were defended their home and property from a mob who were treating them.

This is the type of law enforcement that Soros wants in the DA's office: Anti Gun, Anti-Conservative and Anti-American.
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Spends Millions Getting Radical, Unqualified People Into Our Justice System

And is methodically taking over inner core of Democrat Party (Source)

George Soros is funding attempts to install his own candidates into political systems. He has been funding local DA elections for years now. Three examples resulted in the elections of DA's Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Virginia DAs Parisa Dehghani-Tafti and Fairfax DA Steve Descano.

Larry Krasner (Philadelphia District Attorney) - $1.5 Million Soros funding . Krasner had zero prosecutorial experience when he ran as the “most progressive” candidate in the 2017 Philly DA Democratic field. He promised to “end mass incarceration,” “stop pursuing death sentences,” and “protect immigrants.

Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (Arlington County) - The $583,000 that Soros gave Tafti represented 78 percent of her total campaign budget. Dehghani-Tafti is a defense lawyer who has never prosecuted a case in state court. And her campaign promises mirror Krasner’s almost to the letter. Her campaign website declares that she will pursue numerous ways to reduce incarceration rates, will “never seek the death penalty,” and will “protect immigrants.”

Steve Descano defeated the incumbent in Fairfax mainly because of the $392,000 George gave Descano that amounted to 71 percent of his budget.

Parisa Dehghani-Tafti


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Steve Descano


The Washington Times reported that he spent more than $7 million on local prosecutor elections in at least ten states from 2015-2016. Those three victories bring the total number of campaigns that Soros has tried to buy to at least 23. (source)