CO2 Is Not The Cause Of Global Warning

The theory goes like this

"As humans emit greenhouse gases like CO2, the air warms and holds more water vapor, which then traps more heat and accelerates warming.”

Unfortunately for them, that is just not true and is just not scientifically possible

CO2 doesn’t rise up, trap and retain heat

1. CO2 is heavy and CANNOT remain in the upper atmosphere long, but sinks down. It may be pushed up into the upper atmosphere due to hurricanes or tornadoes, but will sink after the storms subside. eMoody - CO2 Sinks

Even more damning to CO2 trapping heat:

2. CO2 ACTS Like A Coolant - Paper - Professor Nahle - Sources: Nahle's Paper - CO2 Insanity - Tim Bell

You see, they want to convince you that CO2 is trapping heat (like a greenhouse) but then don’t tell you how much and for how long. In fact, the only scientist to test CO2 absorption/emission in the open atmosphere is Professor Nasif Nahle (Monterrey, Mexico) in his peer-reviewed paper, ‘Determining the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing Overlapping Absorption Bands.[1]

Professor Nasif Nahle state: “Applying the physics laws of atmospheric heat transfer, the Carbon Dioxide behaves as a coolant of the Earth’s surface and the Earth’s atmosphere by its effect of diminishing the total absorptivity and total emissivity of the mixture of atmospheric gases.” [emphasis added]

Professor Nahle's study seems to explain why Dr Hansen postulated theory that a rise in CO2 levels would cause global temperatures was so wrong, and that even though CO2 rose at an accelerated rate, temperatures DID NOT RISE as he predicted they should have. link

Still Not Convinced? Read this article:

CO2 Levels Highest in 3 Million Years - Temperatures Don't Budge

Another Good Read:

Global Warming For Dummies

Does anyone really know what the earths average temperature should be? Every period has a different range. The few thousand years man has been around is just a drop in the bucket of the range of temperatures the earth has undergone. Man had no say in what the temperatures were in the past, nor will he have much to say of where they will go in the future. It is the height of arrogance to think otherwise.
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Does anyone really know what the earths optimum CO2 Level should be? Every period has a different range. It has been stated that the current CO2 level is at the highest it has ever been - a total life. The highest was a little over 1600 a few million years ago just before the ice age cycles. It has been trending downward since then. All plant life on earth needs CO2 to grow. Without plants, we would have no oxygen to breathe AND t we'd also have nothing to eat because all the animals that depend on plants would be gone. The MINIMUM CO2 levels for plants to survive is between 185 ppm - 225 ppm. In the 1800s, the CO2 levels were between 240-250 (Source) and trending downwards. That is dangerous to the MINIMUM needed to support plant life. The current level is just over 400 ppm, which is a good number for healthy plant growth..
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