What's In A Name???

These towns with weird names are found in Pennsylvania. It's not like they were just named a couple days ago and they haven't had time to change them. Some of them have been around for over 150 years! What were they thinking? Anyway without further delay, let's take a look at a few of these Towns.


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Founded in 1754, I figure somethings must be going on there that the townsfolk really want to advertise.

Hey, I live in Reno, NV, where this kind of activity is legal, but I was not aware of the legality of that sort of activity in Penn.

But what do I know. Having never been there, there could be an exception.

There has to be a reason they changed the town's name from "cross Keys" to Intercourse"


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Now Virginville proudly resides just a few miles from Blue Balls, Penn. Not positive why that is, but if I had to hazard a guess, I what I would say is that it is obvious.

If you have to think about it, I guess we aren't on the same page, or your mind does not sink to my low standards.

Blue Ball

Blue Ball IS just down the road from Virginville, and if it is as I suspect, the first stop, I assume that there was a lot of frustration going on by the time men arrived here.

Of course I am just speculating, but I am just trying to be logical. So where will the next stop be? Well, I am really glad you asked. Time to mount up and go the Mount Joy.

Mount Joy

Now Mount Joy might not be next door to Blue Ball, but I am sure it would be a natural stop over for those who have visited Virginville and Blue Ball.

Again, having never been to either town, I am just speculating. But until I hear otherwise, I am just going to assume that is the case.

Of course, after Mounting Joy, and not being totally satisfied, where would someone likely go next.

Well, I am glad you asked - How About…


It kinda sound like it would be the next stopover after Mount Joy.

Located a mere 111 miles from Mount Joy, it would seem like just the right amount of time has passed that an average young man would be feeling the urge again.

Now I have never been the Beaver, so do not know what kind of "beavers" they have there.

Big Beaver

And after a little Beaver, the next logical step would probably be to go for the Big One - and where-else would one go except to Big Beaver!

Hey, if anyone has been there, or lives there, or knows someone who lives there, or heard of someone that lives there and can give me a more accurate picture of these towns, please email me and I will gladly update this page.
Knowledge Is King