Send Me Your Best Joke Or Story

If I like it, I will add it to my blonde jokes section and will even credit you with the contribution.

Please only send clean (relatively speaking) blonde jokes or an amusing story.

I also will accept ANY good joke or story - as long as it is funny (or if I like it!)

To anyone who has sent a contribution in the last few months, please send it again as I have not received any for the last several months due to a technical problem.

Webmaster's Note:

Feedback Not Working For The Last Several Months.

My apologizes to any to anyone who sent in suggestions for jokes in the last few months. I changed hosts and apparently my new host no longer supports my feedback forms for my contributions page.

They upgraded their system shortly after I started using their services and the upgrade was not compatible with my feedback form.

Sorry, my mistake for not catching it earlier. I am now using jot forms to ensure all contributors reach my desk.