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Augusta -

Still testing to see which ad services I will use.

Promoted by: Click Viper - No Clicks but lots of views. Changing gifs


Promoted by:

Adblade, Infolinks, Taboola


Adblade - 8000 views - 4 clicks - Account Bal: $34.00
Info Links: 1000 hits and 8 went to Free Signup Page with 1 Signup spent $100 -
added anther $100 8/6

Taboola - High bounce rate (82%) but generated lots of clicks to Goldco
All others were 100% bounces

Bing -need to call support and get my accounts active.

Summery: High bounce rate with InfoLinks, but 8 went to FREE Signup Page with 1 active lead.

All others were 100%

On to lunch

Bidvertiser - Stoped Using For Gold - Click Viper - DOA - OptAds - 100% Bounce


Promoted by:

Best solutions - No Clicks - Will try One More Service

Bidvister - Bust

Game Colony & Sports 365
Both Gone: Very little money and does no support the type of ads I want on my websites.. Sports 365 -