Waitress With A Gun Defends Co-Worker

A waitress with a concealed carry permit defended her co-worker after an irate customer went behind the counter and punched her, newly released video reveals.

The attack at George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee on June 28 could have been much worse, according to Alderman Bob Donovan, who made the footage public.

“I thank God the other waitress had a concealed carry weapon, has a permit... I shudder to think, had she not been there and had she not had this weapon, what this guy might have done," Donovan told Fox 6.

Stranger Stops Assault

A woman being dragged across a Texas parking lot as she held onto her purse in an apparent mugging attempt was saved when a nearby stranger, who was carrying a concealed weapon, joined the situation and held the suspects, a man and a woman, at gunpoint until police arrived.