Home Invasion Stopped

Two residents in Glen St. Mary, Florida, turned the tide on seven home invasion suspects by opening fire with an AR-15 and a 9mm handgun. One of the alleged suspects was killed, another hospitalized, and a third was treated and released to police.

News4Jax reports the incident occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday when the suspects kicked in the door, claiming to be from the sheriff’s office. Three residents were at home at the time, and two responded by opening fire. The resident with the AR-15 estimates he fired 30 rounds by himself.

Two suspects immediately “crumpled to the floor with multiple gunshot wounds.” The residents then “retreated to another part of the home” and called 911.

11-year Girl Saves Brother

An 11-year-old girl shot and killed a cougar that was tracking her brother as he walked toward their house in Twisp, Washington. Her 9-year-old brother had killed a cougar near their home earlier in the month.

Homeowner Stops Burglars

A homeowner in San Antonio, Texas, was returning to his home and heard people inside. He pulled a gun and confronted three burglars, shooting two of them and holding the third in custody until police came.

Stranger Stops Assault

A woman being dragged across a Texas parking lot as she held onto her purse in an apparent mugging attempt was saved when a nearby stranger, who was carrying a concealed weapon, joined the situation and held the suspects, a man and a woman, at gunpoint until police arrived.