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Why Protect Your Assets

Reason 1 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Gold is considered a safe haven in times of trouble. And trouble often appears when everything is going great. With the Dow bouncing around in the 24,000's, no one really knows where it is headed. The stocks have been on a tear since Trump was elected in January 2017, but have been really volatile lately. That leaves everyone just a little nervous. Worried? What can happen?

Reason 2 - Banks In Crisis

If you have been following the news in Europe lately, you may have heard that Italian banks are in trouble.

This matters to you for several crucial reasons. These major international banks are all connected by complicated financial risk and insurance policies called credit default swaps. When banks in Italy and the rest of Europe suffer catastrophic losses, it affects financial institutions around the world, including the U.S.

So how does one protect themselves from this potential disaster? Very simple. Gold

Investing in GOLD is the answer to the financial problems that plague Italian and other European banks. By putting a portion of your assets into the safe haven metal that has withstood countless banking crises over the centuries, you can help hedge your portfolio and retirement assets against financial market turbulence.

Reason 3 - A Diversified Portfolio is a Protected Portfolio

Over the long-term a well-diversified portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, and cash provides protection against the risk of short-term loss inherent in an all equity portfolio. When investors add gold to portfolios of financial assets this risk mitigation is enhanced.

The addition of gold to portfolios of stock, bonds, and cash can reduce the portfolio’s standard deviation of return (widely accepted as the measurement of portfolio risk) while at the same time bolstering the portfolio’s long-term return.

Today may be the time to move to reduce a portion of one’s exposure to equities and allocate at least some of that to gold.