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Why Protect Your Assets

Reason 1 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Gold is considered a safe haven in times of trouble. And, trouble often appears when everything is going great. With the Dow around 24,000, everything is looking rosy indeed. The stocks have been on a tear since Trump was elected in January 2017. That’s now over a year. What’s to worry? What can happen?

Reason 2 - A Diversified Portfolio is a Protected Portfolio

Over the long-term a well-diversified portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, and cash provides protection against the risk of short-term loss inherent in an all equity portfolio. When investors add gold to portfolios of financial assets this risk mitigation is enhanced.

The addition of gold to portfolios of stock, bonds, and cash can reduce the portfolio’s standard deviation of return (widely accepted as the measurement of portfolio risk) while at the same time bolstering the portfolio’s long-term return.

With the Dow at record highs it may well be a prudent move to reduce a portion of one’s exposure to equities and allocate at least some of that to gold.


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