Friendly Immigrants
Just Wanting Jobs?

Criminal Acts by Illegal Aliens: 2016 - 2018 Stats


Ice Removals of Illegal Aliens
2016 2017 2018




Illegal Aliens Entry Arrests
2016 2017 2018




Administrative Criminal Arrests
2016 2017 2018




(does not include misc violators or those with pending charges)
Convicted Criminal Removals
2016 2017 2018




General Immigration Violations
2016 2017 2018




Ice Removals Gang Members
2016 2017 2018




Breakdown on Individual Offenses

Ice Removals for Terrorists
It Only Take 1 Terrorist To Kill Your Children

2016 2017 2018




Breakdown On Criminal Activities
By Illegal Aliens In 2018

Traffic Offenses Drugs Assaults



2018 Felonies Committed By Illegal Aliens

 Burglary Sex Offenses Kidnappings Murders
12,663 13,997 2,085 2,028

Do You Really Want To Continue Allowing These Criminals Easy Access To Our Country?

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They Want The Jobs and Welfare Programs That America Can Provide, But Fly The Flag of the Country They Are Fleeing

How sick are these people? If they came to American because they wanted to
BECOME AMERICANS, I might (maybe) be less suspect of their REAL intentions.

By championing their country as they storm our borders tells me they think America is not a legitimate country and that it really belongs to them by heritage and they want to take it back.

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La Raza

Just Another Racist Hate Group

(FYI: They HATE Americans)

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La Raza Unida

While La Raza Unida has engaged in legitimate civil rights issues, its true agenda was revealed at the 1980 convention.(

RUP declared a policy of Revolutionary Nationalism and the eventual takeover of what they refer to as Aztlan, which is composed of five southwestern states; California, Arizona, New Mexico, (

Note: In July,
2018, the National Council of La Raza changed its name to UnidosUS.

No, they didn't change their views - it's the same sick racist group as before.

They did it so that they would be eligible for federal funds. [Source]


They hate America, but love our money.

What Kind Of Organization

Supports A Mass Murderer

Like Che Guevara?

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Che Guevara - Sadistic Psychopath

"Che Guevara was a psychopath whose sadistic lust for blood was not easily quenched. He killed for pleasure." Huffington Post 2012
A Call To Action

As US Citizens, it is OUR JOB to elect congressmen (and women) who have America's interest FIRST in mind. We, as US Citizens HAVE NOT been very good at it for the last 30 years. It is time to take ours elections seriously. We NEED TO VOTE OUT the swamp creatures.

Our founding fathers said that our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. That should really alarm people when you see just how religious beliefs are under assault today. It is the underpinning of our form of government and the driving force of following the rule of law.

Make Sure Only American Citizens Vote In Elections

Your vote is being negated by illegal voters that are voting across the country. Election Fraud is being practiced across the country. (Source: Heritage Foundation) No one really knows how bad it is, but if California is the norm, we are REALLY HEADED FOR TROUBLE. Thanks to motor/voter, Judicial Watch reported that the ENTIRE STATE has more registered voters than adult citizens

That would explain why Hillary got the popular vote in the last election. California provided her all the votes she needed.