Hartfelt Promotions started primarily promoting affiliate programs. That was back in the 1990s when the internet was fairly new.

Back then there was a vast amount of free web tools and free web hosting sites.

Most of those tools no long exit, at least for free. I still make money from affiliate programs, and I promote them from my own websites.

The biggest lesson I learned was that if you want to make money constantly over a long period of time, you need to sell your own products or services.

I've made thousands of dollars on affiliate programs, but those programs ran in a cycle of about two years. The first year, if you are in early enough, you made a lot of money, then, when the program gets saturated with thousands of marketers, it's beginning of the end.

If you were really good, you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars with affiliate programs. I was NEVER that good. There were a lot of reasons why, but lets just say my passion lay in other things.

The problem with selling on the internet is that you are competing with major companies who can sell at steep discount prices. And then add China into the mix. There is almost no way to have a decent profit margin for a small time operator. If you do not sell in volume, you will not make a lot of money,

The solution is very simple. Sell your own unique brand of product or service. If you find your niche market, you will do very well.

I know people who buying items for non paid storage units and selling them on eBay and craigslist. They make good money too, IF they buy right. And that really is the trick. Buy low,, sell high. Sounds so simple.

I no longer promote other businesses. I have enough of my own websites and customers.

However, it is not very hard to create your own web presence today. There still are a plenty of resources out there that allow even a novice to do this.

You really only need to do one thing. Mine the internet for the information you need. There are also many companies that can provide services that you can use. Investigate them thoroughly before you spend any money. Take your time and learn.

All it takes is common sense and a lot of reading.