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As Hartfelt Promotions, I began promoting affiliate programs back in the 1990s when the internet was fairly new.

I've made thousands of dollars on affiliate programs during those early  days. I took a break from  online marketing 10 years ago and opened several brick  and  motor  businesses, but have retired from those. Having little to do with my free time, I  decided to go back  to online marketing

I was schocked to see how much  had changed over the last 8  years. What I  really was disapointed over was that the majority of affilate programs are out and out scams.

After a lot of reseach, however, I  can accros on of the  best opportunity  to  make money online that I  ever seen.

To  make money on  a consistant  basis you  need several  things:

  • A  valid product that has real value  and no  experation date
  • Residual income. One time sales are killer, unless that sale results in a big payoff (good luck with that).
  • Mentors to share their knowledge
  • A demand for that product or service. 

That program is Regal Assets.  And here  is  why:

    • The top affiliates in that program have made over $100,000, with a few who have made over $1,000,000. Yes, you read that right - that's 1 million dollars, as in a 1 with 6 zeroes.
    • Actual Value merchandise - As in Gold, Silver and Bitcoins
    • Residual income.

The goal is simple: Refer clients who want to diversify some of their investments into gold, silver or bitcoin. If you are looking for a real opporunity so earn a decent amount  of money, here is your chance. 

The powerful thing about the program is you are matched up with one of their very successful affiliates who will share their methods of how to be successful. Just think. Your own success coach for free!

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